onlinedatingontrackWant to get your online dating life on track this New Year? Well now it is time to get serious about making the changes that you need to be made.

Here are five steps towards getting your online dating life back on tracking in the upcoming year courtesy of Let’s Go Singles Dating

1. Work on yourself.

Before you start the online process of meeting people online, take the time to work on yourself. Everyone could use a few new fresh outfits, a nice makeover, and a little cleansing once in a while. Start the the new year right by feeling as if you are a new person and better than ever.

2. Re-write your profile.

Continue the cleanse by taking down your old online dating profile and writing a new one from scratch. Every now and then it’s a good idea to experiment with a new style of writing, and see what type of results follow.

3. Photo time!

Forget those old photos that have been sitting on your Facebook for years and collecting dust. Get out there and take some great pictures that not only make you look attractive, but will accurately reflect the best parts of your personality. The pictures we put up are a huge window into what women will think of us, and ultimately, whether or not they will date us. So take this step very seriously.

4. Learn proper emailing techniques.

Don’t just send out the same boring and unattractive emails that have been failing you for the past year. Learn some new tricks by doing some research, finding out what works and doesn’t work, and making that extra effort to be as interesting as possible. Receiving responses online isn’t easy if we are not as interesting as possible. So make sure you do what it takes to put yourself in the right position to succeed.

5. Practice, practice, and practice some more.

At the end of the day, the most important thing that anybody can do is practice his or her craft. If we are going to be successful at online dating, we have to talk to as many women as possible, call as many women as possible, and date as many women as possible. Practice enough, and in the long run, the results will without a doubt follow. And if not, get back to the drawing board and start re-learning your craft!

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