30-year-old woman from Huddersfield is alleged to have conned over thirty men out of thousands of pounds by promising to marry them.

The woman, who moved to the UK from Pakistan in 1999, has been contacting men on a dating website www.shadi.com. The website is for men who are in the UK on a temporary VISA and wish to get married.

The women then arranged to meet the men and introduced them to a man, who was in fact her real husband. She pretended that he was her brother-in-law and they both persuaded the men to take them shopping to buy all the clothing and other items needed for a wedding.

Each of the men involved spent over £4,000 both on the shopping trip and by sending money to the woman afterwards to pay for things she claimed that she woudl need for the wedding. Once the couple realised that the men had paid everything they could afford, the woman broke it off with man and in some cases threatened them to stop them reporting what had happened, to the police.

The scam is being investigated by police but they have so far, only managed to talk to twelve of the victims but have evidence that there were at least nineteen more. They are appealing for the men to come forward, explaining that it is important that they help them with their enquiries and everything will be dealt with in confidence.

The police have arrested three people in connection with case and are looking into mortgage and benefit fraud as well as these offences, stating that the people involved may have committed hundreds of thousands of pounds worth of fraud in various ways.