Single Men at ChristmasSingle this Christmas? There is no need to despair even if the rest of the world appears to be in coupled-bliss. This is the time get yourself out there to make the most of the party season, kiss as many (single) people under the mistletoe, that you can get your hands on until you find your prince or princess! All you need is a dating plan to maximize your chances of finding ‘the one’.

1. Game On!

Rejoice! This is prime boy/ girlfriend hunting time! Get out there, have fun and make the most of the Christmas party season. You never know whom you might meet. Accept every invite even if you have to attend alone. There is no need to be embarrassed. Everyone has been single at some point in his or her life!

2. Enlist A Wingman!

If you are too shy to get out there on your own, invite single friends to attend Christmas parties and meals with you so that you will not feel so out of place. You will also be doing them a favour! Quiz them about any single friends that they think might be a good match for you and vice versa!

3. Attend Dating Events!

This is the time when other single boys and girls also wish that they are in a relationship and they will be looking as hard and as fast as you. Check out every upcoming singles events in your local area. Be selective in your choice to ensure that you meet people with similar backgrounds and interests that you would wish to spend time with. Hook up at a speeddating event where there is plenty of choice. If you want something more sophisticated and slow-paced, check out singles supper events.

4. Participate in local events!

Widen your social circle and do something wholesome by signing up to your local church choir or perform in a community Christmas play. You might discover hidden talents as well as meeting someone new.

5. Volunteer Your Time!

Earn brownie points by giving up some of your time to volunteer with a local charity such as one that provides holiday meals for the poor or homeless. Not only will you be making a difference to others, you never know whom you might meet from amongst the other volunteers whilst dishing out Brussels sprouts!

6. Plan A Christmas Getaway!

Who does not enjoy sipping cocktails on a beach somewhere whilst eyeing up the local talent? Or chatting up the ski instructor at the end of an adrenalin-fuelled day on the slopes? Whether you go on your own or on a group activity holiday, being out of your comfort zone and forced to interact with people you do not know could lead to meeting the man or woman of your dreams.

Whatever you decide to do, Christmas can be a lonely time if you find yourself alone by default rather than having made a positive choice to be so, so get the diary out and start planning now!