A problem with many relationships, even ones that started with an online dating site, is having a jealous partner. In many cases the partner has a history of girlfriends of boyfriends who have been unfaithful. It is important to understand where their jealousy comes from before becoming upset about it and trying to force them to get over it.

Many people who have been scorned in the past find it hard to develop another trusting relationship. There are a few steps that the couple can take as a pair to help develop trust in the new relationship. First it is important to have open communication. This means sharing the insecure feelings and relationship history.

If the other person better understands where the jealousy comes from, they will be more understanding of when it happens. It is also important to realize that this is a new relationship, and it should start with trust, not unjustified mistrust. Try to let go of the past and start on a fresh slate.