Over Man-scape The Body

That’s right, I said it. Just like girls don’t want to feel like they’re bushwhacking through a jungle of your chest hair (I won’t even mention other places because I’m a lady) we also don’t want to wonder how many times a week you shave or wax until every last hair is off of your body. Different strokes for different female folks, but please find a middle ground between “looks like he’s wearing a sweater but he’s shirtless” action and completely hairless shiny bodybuilder physique.

Over Pluck The Eyebrows

While we’re on the topic of body hair, let me add that overly sculpted eyebrows are a no no. No girl wants to date a man who looks like the missing link, but we also don’t find freshly waxed brows particularly manly, either. Please find a happy medium between Geico caveman and Gotti brothers, thanks.

Flake Out

If you hooked up with a girl, took her out on a date (people do that?) or generally enjoy her company but then wait a week or more to follow up with a text/call, this does not bode well. Don’t worry about seeming overeager, most of us prefer you drop the game playing and make your feelings known (in a non-stalkerish overly clingy kind of way). If you’re not into her, disregard this suggestion and do the faze out, but if you want to stay in the game don’t be M.I.A.

Over Text

Likewise, solely relying on text messaging us (as opposed to calling or – God forbid – face time) is equally annoying. This is fine if you’re dealing with a casual booty call or established girlfriend, but not for meaningful exchanges and should not replace actual conversations. Get out from behind your mobile devices and man up.

Dress Horribly

I know I’ve touched on this before, but I neglected to emphasize the importance of things like fit and footwear. First of all – tight is not hot, so if your jeans are clingy or your shirt could looks like you found it in the 4-6X boys department, please revise. I’ve also known females to complain about “pilgrim shoes,” (i.e. pointy or box-toed loafers) so if your shoes make you look like you just stepped off the Mayflower, perhaps leave them behind. Or throw them overboard.