Valentine’s Day a tough time for singles with all the hearts in the stores and TV advertisements make it blaringly obvious that you are single and alone in a couple’s world. How can singles actually enjoy this heartfelt holiday and feel good about their single status?

1. Plan a date with your girlfriends to see a chick flick, find a fun singles event or happy hour at your favorite bar.

2. Pamper or splurge on yourself: Get a spa treatment, buy yourself a Valentine’s Day present and make time for yourself.

3. Do something nice for someone else: Volunteer with the elderly, spend time with a friend in need or bake a cake for a neighbor and have them over for desert and coffee.

4. Focus your attention on your niece or nephew or some child you are close to.

5. Spend time with friends and family who love and support you. Remember that Valentine’s Day is about LOVE and it’s for everyone, not just couples.

6. Sign up at Let’s Go Singles Dating and find yourself a love interest

 A single person can make Valentine’s Day fun and fulfilling if he or she plans for it to be so.