How was your 2010? Did you manage to fulfill all of your resolutions that you made this time last year? If the answer’s no, let 2011 be the year to really achieve your goals. A new year and fresh start, we’re all keen to renew our yearly promises to ourselves, whether it’s to lose weight, save money, quit smoking or to find ‘the one’ (the usual Bridget Jones resolutions!)

I’m here to help you find love, happiness and fulfillment in 2011, so throughout the year I’ll be sending you a monthly newsletter, which will include ideas, tips and advice for how to make the most out of your dating experience, both online and offline. This month I’ll be focusing on love, work and money… Let me show you how a few simple tips for these aspects of your life can really boost your overall happiness.


The anxiety of being single at Christmas is finally over and you’ve got a whole new year of dating excitement to look forward to. Why not devote some quality time to yourself and figure out what you want from a partner and a relationship? Knowing what’s important to you will increase your chances of having a successful relationship.

So let’s start your new dating journey by updating your profile, adding a few new photos from the Christmas party (perhaps from the start of the night when you were looking your best!), upload a new diary entry about your New Year resolutions or have a browse through our other members’ diaries and check out what they’re hoping to achieve this year. Either way, let’s get the dating started. Remember the World Wide Web is your oyster”!


The average job takes up 10 hours of your day, that’s 2,600 hours a year! Yes we spend that much time at work, and if we’re not happy in our jobs this can have a huge impact on the happiness in our lives. So here’s your task – why not just choose to be happy at work? Happiness is largely a choice, I can hear many of you arguing with me, but it’s true.

Here are just a few ways this can be achieved at work; Think positively, avoid negative people and ignore office gossip. Find co-workers you like, and try to spend time with them, both in and out of the office. Make the most out of your lunch break and get away from your desk, for example a sneaky lunch date with the member you were chatting to the evening before. A few simple changes can improve your happiness 2,600 hours a year!


The turkey’s been eaten, the pressies have been opened (perhaps even returned!) and the festive tunes have been put to rest for another year. Yes, that’s right – another Christmas and NYE has been and gone! We know how money can be tight for most people this month but, on the bright side, it’s also the time for January SALES so now’s the time to grab a bargain.

Everywhere you look you’ll find great discounts, whether it’s on the perfect date outfit or a place to go on your romantic rendezvous. While you’re online wooing your date, why not check out some great discount sites for 2-4-1 restaurant vouchers, money off a fun day out, or check out the free events in your local area. A date doesn’t have to be expensive but the experience can definitely be priceless!  

Got A Dating Dilemma? Ask Alex!

I hope you’ve enjoyed the first newsletter of the year and my advice has been of good use to you. I’d love to be able to help you as much as I can, so now’s the time for YOU to take control and send me your Dating Dilemmas. Are you struggling with letting someone down gently?  Not sure who should pay on the first date? Send your Dating Dilemmas to and the best of the bunch will be answered by yours truly, and featured in next month’s newsletter.

See you in February!

Alex & The Lets Go Singles Dating Team